With a family full of runners, we have more race bibs than we can count.

They represent fun times and great accomplishments, which should be proudly displayed. The problem is that no one ever knows where to put them; so I found a great DIY project that solves the problem.

What you’ll need:

A Wood Board

2 Metal Clips

Wood Glue

Paint & Brushes (one small and one large)


1. Take your largest race bib with you to find the wood board so you don’t buy one that’s too small.

2. Paint the board a base color, wait for it to dry, then use a pencil to draw on the letters. This way, everything is centered (and spelled correctly) before you start painting.

3. It’s time to glue on the clips. I’ve seen some displays that have hooks instead of clips; however, every bib is different and may not all fit on just one or two sets of hooks.


I displayed this one on a shelf, but you could hang it up on a wall with Command Strips or purchase a board that already has “wall-hanging” ability.

Once the clips are full, it’s time to purge the bibs and start over- the perfect way to get re-motivated and sign up for more races.

These make great gifts for any active person. Just personalize to their sport, find out their favorite colors and paint accordingly.