A recent post by The Minimalsts has my retail-trained brain spinning. But I know they’re right. 

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We’re taught at an early age that if something’s on “sale” then it’s a good “deal”; but what if we don’t need it? Is it still a good deal if it sits in our house for months without use? 

I’m infamous for buying a new pair of shoes just because they’re on sale. They’re probably not the style or color I was looking for, but they were such a good deal! 

Very rarely are sale pieces favorites in your wardrobe or your home. That’s because you most likely didn’t go searching for them; you stumbled upon them while browsing or shopping for something else. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes these pieces are exactly what you’ve been looking to buy- but not often. 

The majority of my purchases are centered around my wardrobe. Cliche, I know, but working in the fashion industry puts pressure on you to dress a certain way. It’s not an ideal environment for an aspiring Minimalist, but it’s my job. 

That being said, my new rule is no impulse purchasing. Even if it’s on the “final clearance” shelf. If I see something I want or need, I’m giving myself a minimum 2 week waiting period. If I’m still thinking about it in 2 weeks then I can consider purchasing. After weighing pros and cons, of course. 

Essentially this will allow me to save money for more important things like a down payment or for an upcoming vacation. 

After all, it’s not a good deal if you don’t need it.