To avoid lugging around big suitcases and being charged extra airline fees, we decided to backpack our way through 10 days in Greece. Carrying on a backpack definitely aligns with my Minimalist packing efforts, but it took some planning. We went a few weeks before “season” began, which was late Spring, early Summer.

From long plane rides and exploring historic Athens, to island hopping between Mykonos & Santorini, below is my recommended packing list. Considering we were there for 10 days, I did re-wear a few things based on our activities each day. We’re pretty active travelers so it’s normal for us to go on a morning excursion, shower and change into something else for the afternoon, then possibly change again for dinner or a night out.


I find that moisture-wicking fabric is the most comfortable to fly in, so I pair that with tennis shoes and some layers for traveling. Once we arrived in Athens, we did quite bit of walking so I was happy to be comfortable and cool.


After we ferried to the islands it was all about easy dresses to throw on and go. For other activities, like riding an ATV, I went with denim shorts and light t-shirts or tank tops. It got cool at night, so a lightweight sweater was perfect to protect me from the wind.

The beaches in Mykonos are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen (and I’m from Florida) so bring a couple of swim suits and a big towel to lay on. My oversized towel rolled up and fit away perfectly in my daypack.


Santorini was warm, so again, easy wear dresses were my go-to. And I always bring a small cross-body bag to fit a few necessities when we go out for a few hours. Hats are also a must- the sun can be brutal and there’s hardly any shade.

Since we were limited to the space of a large hiking backpack, my favorite space-saving tip is to use Ziploc bags. The 2 gallon size easily fits an outfit or two. And you can remove the excess air with a straw, or just sit on the bag and zip it closed!

A true Minimalist could get away with packing much less, but remember, I work in retail. 10 days in a backpack is an accomplishment for this Minimalista. 

Look out for a day-by-day itinerary for our 10 day trip to Greece in May- including details for Athens, Mykonos & Santorini to come.