What’s better than a pair of 1990’s “Mom Jeans” from the local thrift store? A pair that you can transform into the ever-popular destroyed jean short.


I’ve wanted to try the DIY jort for a while now, so when I found the perfect pair of light wash Calvin Kleins at the thrift store, I knew it was time. I followed a few different tutorials and combined the instructions below…

1. Try on your jeans and mark how long you want them with a pencil. Make sure to cut under the line initially- you can always chop more off.





2. Cut one leg, then fold the jeans over and cut off the same length on the other leg.

3. Try your jeans back on to make sure this is the length you want them to be. I ended up cutting quite a bit more length off of my initial mark.


4. Turn the shorts inside out and look closely at the blue and white lines. The blue strands run vertically, while the white ones are horizontal.



5. Decide where you would like your “destroyed” areas, then cut short horizontal lines about 1 cm. apart from each other. After you make the small initial cuts, you can lengthen them to make the destroyed section larger.

6. The ends of the blue strands should slightly stick out of each line you cut. Take a pair of tweezers and pull on one of the blue strands until it comes out. The first few strands are the hardest to get ahold of. It gets easier, promise.

7. Pull the blue strands out of each row until all you have are white horizontal strands between the lines you previously cut. Warning: this will make a mess.

8. Turn your shorts right-side-out and make any additional “destroyed” areas you want.


9. Lastly, wash and dry them with the rest of your laundry. They will come out destroyed…just like you wanted.


UPDATE: I’ve had these jorts for years now and they are by far my favorite pair.