“The Mini Minimalista” Definition: (n.) A twenty-something working in the Retail Industry who attempts to live a Minimalist lifestyle and “do more with less”.

Hopefully the irony isn’t lost on you.

My path to Minimalism started in 2014, when a longtime friend introduced me to this simplistic way of life. I wasn’t as hesitant as most when they first hear about Minimalsm; partly because I always enjoyed a little “spring cleaning” and thought this was a new, fun approach.

Creative storage was my specialty- slim hangers, baskets under the bed, vertical shoe racks, etc. But as I took on a minimalist mindset for the first time, I realized I had no idea how someone (myself) could stash so much stuff into a 598 sq. ft. studio apartment. The phrase “mini hoarding” hits the nail on the head.

After multiple attempts at Minimalism, I did a final clean sweep of the studio apartment when I moved into a 950 sq. ft. condo. Ironically, everything from the apartment perfectly filled the condo. That’s when it dawned on me, that even after multiple attempts to simplify, I still had too much stuff. It’s been a year since I last moved and I own less “things” than ever.

As I begin the journey of moving again, I’m as determined as ever to simplify my life. That being said, the plan is to move less “things” into the new 1500 sq. ft. townhome than I currently have in my condo.

You’re probably thinking I need to reevaluate my definition of Minimalism, since moving into bigger and bigger homes seems counterproductive. But these were/are the most appropriate living options for me at the time. I said I attempt the lifestyle, not master it.

I should also touch on the fact that I work in Advertising within the Retail/Fashion Industry. The very people encouraging you to buy, buy, buy are the same ones writing me a paycheck. As you can imagine, simplifying my closet has been the biggest challenge yet.

From Coffee & Juicing to DIY, Fashion & Travel, it’s sure to be entertaining as I attempt to blend Minimalism into my “normal” everyday life.

Stay tuned for the adventure that’s about to ensue.